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Madeleine has been a great addition to our team. We joined forces with her to write presentations for our national sale meeting that had to be very to-the-point and really push the facts.

She crafted presentations that were able to weave our chosen themes through the message, while at the same time being entertaining and effective.

Madeleine was thorough in her preparation, really getting to know our business, visiting dealers, seeking out the personalities of our presenters so we could write scripts in their voice, and joining our read-through rehearsals. It was a true team approach. We will definitely use Madeleine again and highly recommend her to you.

Laura Larson

Interim Director of Product Management - Honeycomb, Hunter Douglas

When Room 214 was invited to pitch a national brand looking for a long-term social media agency, we knew we had to pull out all the stops to win the business. We wanted our pitch to feel as engaging and be as memorable a broadway show, so we called on Madeleine for help.

Madeleine worked with our team to refine the flow of our pitch, spent time with individual team members to hone in their individual stories, and coached us on our stage presence. She also provided constant encouragement and inspiration throughout the process. Heading into our pitch, we felt confident and excited, as if we were about to take the stage.

Not only was that pitch one of the most fun and memorable pitches for our agency, the client was blown away and our ability to stand out from the competition helped us win the business. Most importantly, our experience with Madeleine transformed how we think about, plan, and present ourselves and our ideas. We’d highly recommend her to any organization looking to improve how they tell their story.

Jen Casson

Director of Creative Services, Room 214

I recently spoke at a conference, and I had a lot of anxiety about it.  Madeleine helped me get to my true message by asking questions until I got to an authentic answer.  She helped me practice without embarrassment so I had a plan I felt confident in, including walking onto the stage, and was honest and generous in her feedback.

I ended up having a terrific experience because I felt well prepared.  I actually enjoyed opening the conference. I heard the audience laugh and saw them listening intently.  Dozens complimented me, and one even liked it more than the keynote!  I will go into my next speaking engagement with a new approach and new-found enthusiasm for speaking in public.

Julie Imig

Principal, Imig-Llc Management and Strategy Consulting

Working with Madeleine was a game changer for me. Her command of storyline, timing, and powerful use of language is superb. Madeleine transformed a “me too” talk into one that stood out with both me and the audience.

Madeleine is professional, has a great sense of humor, and made working together a pleasure. I highly recommend Madeleine to anyone seeking to stand out from the crowd and connect with their audience. She’ll be my go to for every speech and presentation.

Brian Coppom

Executive Director, Boulder County Farmer's Market

Working with Madeleine was such a dream. It was exactly what our team needed to be prepared for a really important pitch.

She came in and immediately fit in with our team and understood how we communicated and worked together. She always came so prepared and had insightful things to add or ask at every turn. It felt like we’d been working together for years in the short few weeks we spent together. Every time she made a suggestion we almost always responded with an enthusiastic YES!

I truly believe Madeleine was one of the biggest reasons we won the pitch. She helped us all to be polished without being stiff, prepared without sounding scripted, and most importantly, confident. Anyone who has the chance to work with Madeleine should absolutely take the opportunity. You won’t regret it.

Jill Mailander

Account Supervisor, Room 214

The guidance Madeleine provided was highly valuable to our team members on a personal level, and for the agency as a whole. There’s no way in hell we would have come close to demonstrating the kind of enthusiasm and continuity our final presentation offered without her coaching. Our secret weapon is Madeleine Pollak.

Jason Cormier

Managing Partner at Digital Marketing & Social Media Agency, Room 214. Partner & CMO at SocialEngine, Room 214

Before working with Madeleine, I struggled to tell my personal stories in a way that connected with my audiences and inspired action. As someone who does a lot of public speaking as part of my marketing mix, I knew I needed to find that just-right mix of vulnerability, credibility and skill to touch hearts and influence behavior.

What I didn’t realize was how important the details – the juicy nuggets – and context are that I downplayed or took for granted. Madeleine’s intuitive insight and seasoned interviewing skills evoked the nitty gritty elements that brought my stories to life in a whole new way – a way that feels authentic, powerful and influential. And with her coaching approach, I felt completely safe opening up to her.

Now I look forward to telling my stories and connecting more deeply with my audiences so I can change more lives for the better. Thank you Madeleine!

Dinah Snow

President , International Coach Federation-CO

We laughed, we cried, we learned how to present to clients with confidence, personality and style.  What a great experience!

Michael Kwolek

Director of Research, Room 214

Rave Reviews my Clients are Getting

Hey Brian – I was in attendance this weekend at Tedx Boulder and very much enjoyed your talk.  It was so honest and refreshing.  Your words really resonated with my husband – he couldn’t stop talking about it.  Especially the vision of success (sports car, entering a restaurant, head nodding that guy at the bar, etc) but realizing success comes from a connection and participation with the local community.

The Kitchen

Community Outreach at The Kitchen

He was great. Memorable. One of my faves! For reals. Funny, self deprecating, great delivery!! (About Tedx Speech by Brian Coppom, Executive Director, Boulder County Farmer’s Market)

Kerri Beers

Director of Marketing, Tech Stars

I was in the audience and heard your talk at TedX.  It was perfect, funny, heartfelt, engaging, and so important in its messages. I applaud you!

Board Member


Hey Brian – Great talk last night.  Definitely one of the highlights (of the TedXBoulder talks).

Anthem Branding

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