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You Are a Leader

You have been promoted to a leadership role for good reason. Your hard work, talent, and vision earned you this status. You now have the opportunity to inspire people and bring out their best.

Living-up to Expectations


EPC client Brian Coppom speaking at the 2015 TEDx Boulder. Watch his memorable presentation.

In your role, people have high expectations of you. Although you may not feel ready, as a leader you are expected to exude authority, a commanding presence, and confidence.

You are Human

But you’re human… Just like everyone else, you find it terrifying to speak in public. It’s hard to be yourself and it’s difficult to find the right words to say and the most effective ways to say them. You don’t even know if your message is getting across.

Executive Presence is Learned, Not Innate

The tools required to have a presence, to perform in front of audiences, and to have a public persona are learned. You can learn these skills from your failures, or you can learn them from Executive Presentation Coaching. Executive Presentation Coaching was started by Madeleine Pollak in conjunction Pollak Productions, a six-time emmy Award Winning TV, commercial and corporate video company. In addition to working with Executives from Fortune 500 companies and corporations, Madeleine has worked internationally interviewing and directing people on stage and in front of the camera. Her extensive background in acting, directing, movement and voice give her the skills needed to address most issues that block her clients from reaching their leadership potential.

Here’s How Executive Presentation Coaching Can Help You

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Executive Presence

Everyone says you need it, but can anyone learn to have that elusive character trait called “executive presence”? Yes, it can be learned. Everyone has qualities that contribute to executive presence, but fear, nervousness, lack of confidence and lack of communication skills can mask executive presence.

Whether your strength is charisma, intelligence, humor, connecting, or something else, we’ll help to identify your strengths and use them as the springboard to developing your own unique, confident, and dynamic executive presence.

Public Speaking

Public speaking is a learned skill. For some it comes easily, but for most of us it does not. Learn how to get comfortable, be effective, make a dynamic impact and have a powerful speaking voice when presenting to any audience.

Learn to:

  • prepare for your presentation
  • manage your nerves
  • conquer your fear
  • connect with the audience
  • speak with authenticity
  • connect with your passion
  • get comfortable with body language and use it to your advantage
  • connect to your message
  • expand your vocal range
  • overcome vocal issues
On Camera Coaching and Media Training

Electronic media offers an incredible array of opportunities to get your message across in very cost-effective ways.  It can be a powerful platform on which to lead, inspire and get people to take action.  Public speaking skills are different than being camera ready and camera savvy.  It is essential that leaders are skilled and confident in both.

Learn to:

    • prepare for being on camera
    • effectively manage interviews
    • on camera skills
    • use a teleprompter
    • what to wear on camera
    • manage your nerves
    • connect to your message
    • interacting with your interviewer
Speech Coaching

It’s just as important to rehearse the delivery of your speech as it is to take the time to write it.  Rehearsing a speech helps you to build confidence, and work out any of the kinks in the writing.  We’ll help you to infuse your speech delivery with life, flair and confidence while at the same time addressing blocking, the use of visual aids, your executive presence, timing and vocal range.

Speech Writing / Content Editing / Crafted Personal Story

Is it hard for you to sit down and write a speech? Do you have great ideas yet don’t seem to be able to communicate them in a way that people understand and find interesting?  Maybe you’re a good writer but don’t know how to personalize the material and give it character and punch.

When we write or edit your speech, we incorporate your values, sensibilities, messages, sense of humor and personal stories wherever possible.

A well-crafted speech that reflects your values, message and personality is half the battle. Words that make sense, are organized and are dynamic in all the right places make it that much easier for you to stand on stage and deliver them. You’ll be more comfortable with your body language, your speech and your nerves.

Pitch Coaching

Walking into a room with 2-200 people all waiting for you to show them the goods, can be intimidating and nerve wracking.  Add to that, how you show up, craft your material, present yourself and interact can make or break whether or not you land the gig or get venture capital money, or investors.  We work with you to focus your message, present your ideas clearly, and be prepared enough that you can spend time interacting with the people in the room who want to know who  you are.


There’s nothing worse than doing all the right preparation only to show up in the wrong outfit.  Achieving executive presence includes your appearance, what you wear and how you feel wearing it.  It is essential to develop an appearance that is comfortable and appropriately reflects your leadership role.

We offer:

  • wardrobe consulting and shopping
  • makeup consulting and shopping
  • hair consultation

How you perceive your role, present yourself, and connect with people,  determines whether or not people listen, and, more importantly, whether they remember.  Take the time to step into your leadership role and make the difference.

Because each client has different needs and goals, we assess each person individually to find which of the above areas need attention.

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