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Compelling interviews are essential to good story telling in video, documentary and TV. However, getting an informative, dynamic, and emotionally connected interview is often much more difficult than you’d expect. Lights, cameras, nerves, difficult subject matter, self consciousness and fear often make people freeze up, close down, and give bad interviews.

In this 3-hour course, which includes interaction and demonstrations with audience members, you will learn how to create an environment that is comfortable for you and your interviewee, how to prepare yourself for the interview, how to prepare your interviewee for the interview and how to conduct an interview that draws out the kind of emotion and information that works for your project.

We’ll also explore the balancing act of what you want out of your interviewee versus where the interview can go naturally, and how to get responses that are easier to edit into a story.

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I highly recommend Madeleine’s “Art of the Interview” workshop if you are looking to learn from a pro. Her extensive background interviewing hundreds (maybe thousands?) of subjects gives her students an insiders peek into how it’s professionally done. Madeleine provides step-by-step instructions for preparing and conducting an engaging conversation which leads to the best final product. She addresses the psychology of both parties during an interview, what questions to ask and how to handle challenges. The class exercises and participation keeps things lively and demonstrates her points. My favorite moments were her funny and amazing stories based on her experience. If you want to learn how to conduct a professional video interview – You must take her class!

Cori Chavez

Business Owner

This class was worth my time because Madeleine efficiently packed information into it.

I really appreciated getting clarification and advice on a wide variety of interview topics.


Boulder Digital Arts Student

Madeleine Pollak’s Art of the Interview course was great. From a logistical perspective, I learned how to choose an interviewee, do a pre-interview, and handle an interview subject who stutters or mumbles. Madeleine’s experience and genuine, caring nature were the most memorable aspects of the course, however. She clearly possesses very deep experience in interviewing for video and provided numerous real-life scenarios to illustrate her points or answer questions. She’s obviously also an empathetic interviewer, as much of the course was dedicated to tactics for ethical interviewing and helping the interview subject feel comfortable with the process. By the time the course was halfway over, I was inspired to add a fun interviewing aspect to my small business, which I think will help me connect to my target audience.

Andrea Wagner

Class was great.  Good combination of Madeleine’s expertise and role playing.


Sitting at Madeleine’s class, The Art of the Video Interview was such a great experience! She is a very experienced and gifted professional and her teaching is structured in a dynamic way, providing students of all levels with very good information and practical exercises. She kept us totally engaged and wanting more, after its 3 hours of duration. I’d totally recommend this class to anyone wanting to learn about professional interviewing skills and more! Many thanks,


The Art of the Video Interview is a great class at Boulder Digital Arts.  I learned a lot of things that will help me engage people quicker.  I also learned how to prevent things that can go wrong, saving me a lot of time in the editing room.


Boulder Digital Arts Student