Pitch Coaching for Individuals and Teams

Why Pitch Coaching?

team-meeting-1458975-640x480Pitching is a critical part of your business. The amount of income you are able to generate is directly connected to how successfully you can pitch your services.

You’ve assembled a capable and talented team. They are brilliant creatives, extraordinary strategists, and intelligent communicators, but are they as deft at handling stressful face-to-face pitch meetings in front of an intimidating audience?

Are you capable of convincing prospective customers that your team can rise above a competitive field? If your only reply to that question is “I think so”, then you’d benefit greatly from hiring a pitch coach.

How We Can Help

Pollak Productions has successfully coached agencies like yours who are trying to secure important contracts in intensely competitive environments. We help your staff tell stories that bring down the interviewer’s guards. We help you make your pitch cohesive, on-message, and entertaining. We teach your staff to overcome nervous ticks, to be mindful of their non-verbal communications during the pitch, and to exude a positive presence in front of the client.

We bring out your self-assured, professional, and personable side, so your clients get to see the real you.

Pitch coaching energizes individuals and teams to perform with greater confidence and a higher likelihood of success. You’ll walk into your pitch trusting your team because you’ll know they’re up to the challenge and have worked out the kinks. You won’t be guessing about whether you’re prepared, you’ll know it.

Working with Pollak productions, you will develop a fun, creative, authentic and entertaining pitch that represents what you have to offer and wins you business.

Working With Pollak Productions

Our unique and rich background in theater, video, scriptwriting, and business lets us help you craft your message, have a positive presence in the meeting room, overcome nervousness, and add polish to your delivery.

Pollak Productions has helped create significant wins and successes with entertainment industries, Fortune 500’s, and creative agencies. Among our satisfied clients are American Express, Visa, PayPal, Oprah Winfrey Network, RE/MAX, US Olympic Committee, Dr. Phil, Discovery, TLC, National Geographic, Food Network and dozens more.

Here’s What We Do:

  • Structure your pitch – Craft effective stories. Structure the flow of the pitch from start to finish. Create smooth transitions in your presentation. Entertain and connect with the audience. If an RFP is involved we diligently work with you to make sure that the pitch answers all of the questions in the RFP.
  • Casting – When needed, we help you to “cast” the pitch and figure out who will best play each role in each aspect of the pitch.
  • Coach and direct the presenters – Coach/direct presenters individually to overcome personal obstacles. Bring all of the presenters together as a cohesive team to represent your brand and your company well.
  • Practice Q&A Sessions – Mock Q&A sessions help presenters build confidence in answering a variety of questions so they don’t feel thrown by the process.
  • Focus on intangibles – It can be the little clues that clients pick-up that make or break your pitch.  That’s why we focus on many overlooked details that will build success into your presentation, such as:

boardroom-1237058-639x424Body Language
Connecting to the audience
Overcoming nerves
Thinking on your feet
Being in the moment
Making this a “live” event
Thinking on your feet

We Can Help

If you’re intrigued about all the things you may not have been taking into account in your last pitch, let’s talk and see how we can work together to make your next pitch a rousing success.